Ron Mastrogiovanni, Retirement Health Care Planning Expert

Meet Ron Mastrogiovanni, Retirement Health Care Planning Expert

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Ron Mastrogiovanni brings more than 25 years of combined experience in financial services, management consulting, and high technology.

Ron Mastrogiovanni's Retirement Expertise

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Ron’s latest venture, HealthView Services, is an emerging industry leader offering a deployable SaaS platform that incorporates complex actuarial and medical expense data into an easy-to-use financial planning tool for advisors and their clients.

HealthView is helping financial institutions, advisors and consumers develop a manageable “defined contribution” approach to projecting and solving for healthcare costs in retirement. 

HealthView provides personalized healthcare cost information for investment planning purposes.

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Very educational and scary at the same time. This information is not what I normally hear about and quite frankly, surprises me now that I've heard this presentation. It certainly has given me something to further research.

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