Steve Vernon, F.S.A., Strategies for a Healthy and Financially Secure Retirement Speaker

Steve Vernon Strategies for a Healthy and Financially Secure Retirement Speaker

Meet Steve Vernon, FSA, MAAA, Strategies for a Healthy and Financially Secure Retirement Speaker

Experience, Recognition, Background

As an actuary and author, Steve Vernon writes, speaks, and prepares research on the most challenging issues facing retirees today, including strategies for a healthy and financially secure retirement.

As a Research Scholar at the Stanford Center on Longevity, Steve helps collect, direct, and disseminate research that will improve the financial security of workers. He focuses on developing reliable sources of retirement income, managing retirement living expenses, and protecting against common risks. Underlying his work is an emphasis on behavioral economics, to help people of all ages make effective financial decisions that will impact their retirement years.

Steve writes an online column on retirement strategies for He has published seven books on retirement planning. His latest book is “Don’t Go Broke in Retirement: A Simple Plan to Build Lifetime Retirement Income.’

Steve Vernon's Expertise on a Healthy and Financially Secure Retirement

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Steve uses his actuarial expertise, contacts, and decades of consulting experience to help people experience a healthy and financially secure retirement.  

As a retirement speaker who addresses retirement dignity, good health, and purpose in life, Steve advocates using simple retirement planning strategies for your money, health, and lifestyle that are realistic and practical for most working Americans. He provides just information and education, and does not sell investments, insurance, or any other products. This enables him to “tell it like it is” since he’s not paid to sell any products or services.

Steve Vernon shares practical strategies and ideas for enhancing finances, health, and lifestyle for the “rest-of-life” life phase, also known as retirement. With an effective mix of humor, stories, video clips, pictures, music, and cold hard actuarial analysis, he provides hope for working Americans with pervasive fear and anxiety about retirement. 

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Very clear and positive. Impressed with the way he connects the whole retirement picture. His comments are very timely.

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