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Kathi Balasek Retirement Speaker Grief Literacy Expert

Meet Kathi Balasek, MA, Retirement Speaker and Grief Literacy Expert

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Kathi Balasek, MA, is an Empathy and Grief Communication Corporate Coach and Consultant, University Lecturer, Speaker, Educator and Podcast Host who is on a mission to cultivate a grief literate culture by improving the language of loss with clients. She is currently a lecturer at California State University where she trains future teachers.  

After 20+ years of teaching and coaching, she has found that the art of engaging bereaved clients hinges on financial advisors’ competence and confidence in grief conversations. She knows that connection, empathy and meeting people where they are is what builds relationships. 

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Kathi Balasek, MA is a widow advocate and teaches advisors necessary skills to serve this vulnerable yet growing population in an authentic, yet professional way. 

We will ALL experience grief and loss. Most people were never really taught how to communicate with people going through grief and loss.

This became very evident when she became a young widow raising five children. She had to re-learn how to navigate the world not only for her family but for her future. She learned very quickly that what people do and say will either help or hurt, connect or disconnect.

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"Kathi Balasek provided great ideas to serve those grieving/preparing the relationship in advance.”

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