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Retirement Speakers Bureau

Let us help you find the perfect speaker for your audience!

The right retirement speakers and topics attract attendees and make your event a success. We are here to help you find retirement presenters who best address your audience’s needs and budget.

We’ve built relationships with over 40 of the retirement industry’s leading speakers, authors, trainers and professional development experts over 30 years in the financial industry. We guarantee that the results and expertise of the retirement presenters offered to you on this site will exceed your expectations.

Services range from keynote speakers to multi-day professional development programs and everything in-between. Sessions can be delivered live or in online sessions with hundreds of individuals across the country.

Our retirement presenters specialize in topics for audiences including:

  • Financial and retirement advisors
  • Bank advisors, licensed bankers, branch managers and tellers
  • Call center, home office and support staff
  • Employee benefit professionals
  • Public and private sector plan trustees and board members
  • Public plan administrators, employees, retail customers and consumers

Why did we create a retirement speakers bureau?

The retirement income phase of one’s financial life is more complicated than their retirement accumulation years. Saving for retirement pales in comparison to managing retirement risks, minimizing tax implications, and the retirement income decisions that need to be made before, at and during retirement.

Our goal is to help make the proven retirement income, risk and readiness approaches of today’s leading experts and retirement presenters more accessible to advisors and consumers so they make informed decisions that secure retirement.


How do we select speakers to be included in our retirement speakers bureau?

We have 30 years’ experience serving on the planning committees of over 100 national retirement conferences, including Chairing the 2020 National Financial Planning Association Conference. We know a LOT of retirement presenters who effectively deliver high-quality, thought leadership content that helps advisors and consumers make informed decisions.

We are committed to providing professional retirement education, continuing education and training resources for financial services firms, retirement professionals, and employers desiring to provide solutions that focus not only on the accumulation of wealth, but also the mitigation of retirement risk, retirement income management, and maintaining retirement quality of life.

Our Featured Retirement Presenters