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Sara has a Ph.D. in Counseling and Human Behavior, a M.A. in Guidance and Counseling, and a B.A in Psychology. As a former management consultant, she has worked successfully, both nationally and internationally, with multi-billion dollar corporations, small to medium-size organizations, and forward-thinking individuals.

Dr. Sara Zeff Geber is a recipient of the “Influencers in Aging” designation by PBS’ Next Avenue. She is an author, retirement transition coach, and professional speaker on retirement and aging.

Dr. Geber is the author of the 2018 book, Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers: A Retirement and Aging Roadmap for Single and Childless Adults, which was selected that year as a “best book on aging well” by the Wall Street Journal.

Sara is a regular contributor to on the topics of aging and retirement. Over the past three years, Sara has written 50+ articles for and is one of the leading contributors in the area of retirement and aging.

Sara has also been quoted in The Huffington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other major media. A sought-after speaker at conferences on Aging, Sara is active in the American Society on Aging, the Life Planning Network, the Transition Network, the Sonoma County Section on Aging, and the Gerontological Society of America.

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Dr. Geber has developed a niche specialty as an expert in “Solo Aging,” informing people who have no children or who are aging alone how to have a safe and fulfilling life in their retirement years.

With her speaking and writing, Sara has been raising awareness about Solo Aging for the past 10 years. She believes Solo Agers have unique needs in later life that warrant greater foresight and a more robust approach to planning.

Because of her progressive ideas about building communities and thinking out-of-the-box about housing for older adults, Dr. Geber was recently invited to join the advisory team for Nexus Insights, a think tank and incubator for revolutionary concepts in senior living and aging.

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This is a great topic for our clients, family and friends. 'Soft' topics like this are just as important as 'hard' financial topics. Sara's presentation is thought provoking and timely!

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